Assembled Horizontal Belt Filter with receiver and control panel

1400mm Dia Drive & Tail Pulley m/c of HB Filter HB Filter Structural Frame SS 316L

18.0 mt Dia High Rate Thickner –SS316L/904L for M/s HZL Ltd.

6.0 mt. Dia Top Entry Agitator for Hutti Gold Mines-Karnataka 

6.0 mt. Dia Hydro Foil Agitator Blade for Hutti Gold Mines-Karnataka 

SS904L Hydrofoil Agitator Assy. For M/s. Adani Wilmar Ltd.

50NB X 2.1 Mt.Dia.X 2.5Mt. Ht. SS316L Seamless pipe Coil

65NB X 2.7 Mt.Dia X 3.6Mt. Ht.SS316L Seamless pipe Coil

Internal heating coil 25NB SS316L for Receivers

SS316L Receiver

SS316L 3mt Dia x 4.5mt. ht. St. Tnak With Heating Coil

Agitator with Bottom Bump Dish SS316+ MS Limpet coil

SS 316L Nitrator 2” ND 405mt. internal Coil external jacket- Aryan Pesticides

SS316L   Reactor With internal cooling coil and external limpet coil  SS316L Reactor with limpet coil

S304L/316L Dish ends for Reactors

SS316L VIT 30”-36” Miter Heads-columns- ITT Goulds Pumps, USA

SS316L VIT 54” Miter Head-columns- ITT Goulds Pumps, USA

45nos. SS304 expansion bellows for sulphuric acid plant Saudi Arabia

SS304 Header Assembly converter for sulphuric acid plant Saudi Arabia

Sch.80- 24”/12” SS304 Piping for sulphuric acid plant Saudi Arabia

SS 304 Feed water Tank with tube bundle & Filter Mesh